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Troy Deeney says Cavani should be banned for MORE than three games

Troy Deeney has insisted a three-game ban is not enough for Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani after he posted a Spanish term with racial connotations on social media on Sunday.

Cavani came off the bench to score a brace and hand Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side a dramatic 3-2 win at Southampton.

But the Uruguayan striker’s heroics at St Mary’s were overshadowed when he posted a controversial Spanish term on social media in the hours that followed.

In response to a message of congratulations, seemingly from a friend, Cavani said: ‘Gracias negrito.’ The term, which makes reference to race, translates directly as ‘Thanks black’.

Three hours after posting the tweet, it was deleted. Cavani insists ‘negrito’ is a term of affection in South America and that will be his defence if any disciplinary action is taken.

Cavani is now facing an FA probe but Deeney, speaking on the talkSPORT breakfast show on Monday, thinks the United star should be given more than a three-game ban, as well as extra education on the issue.

The Watford striker said: ‘It’s never right, no matter which way you look at it.

‘I just think when you write a message out, it’s considered, nine times out of ten, that you’ll proofread it before putting it out there because you don’t want to make yourself look an idiot.

‘But at no point did he think “that’s not right” – that’s what worried me a little bit.

‘I understand we get three-game bans now, but I just want to know whether the FA are educating players when they come to this country.

‘I don’t think he’s meant it to insult anyone, but he needs to be educated on what is acceptable and what isn’t.’

When asked if a three-match ban for Cavani is enough, Deeney added: ‘No, I don’t think it is.

‘It’s a considered post. He’s written it out, thought about it, and he’s got people around him who would say, “I don’t think you should really do that”.

‘He’s probably acted in a moment of happiness, obviously after scoring, that’s why I don’t take it as he meant offence by it, he just hasn’t understood the ramifications of his words.

‘I do think at times three games isn’t enough, because it’s got to be three games with a form of education in my opinion.’

The FA published updated punishment guidelines ahead of the start of a new season in a clampdown on racism and discriminatory behaviour.

Any discriminatory behaviour on social media will carry a minimum three-game suspension for culprits compared to bans of between six and 12 games for offences that take place in matches.

The bans were increased after Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva and Tottenham’s Dele Alli were suspended for just one-game after breaching FA rules with posts on social media.

The incident also quickly led to comparisons being drawn between Cavani and his fellow Uruguayan Suarez.

Former Liverpool striker Suarez was banned for eight games and fined £40,000 for using the word ‘negro’ towards ex-United defender Patrice Evra in 2011.

Suarez attempted to argue in his FA hearing that the word in Uruguay and other parts of Latin America is inoffensive in certain situations.

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