Lady Cries Out For Help After Sleeping With 105 Men And Did 26 Abortions

Lady Cries Out For Help After Sleeping With 105 Men And Did 26 Abortions.

A 34-year-old-Ghanaian woman is looking for help to empower her to quit laying down with numerous men, saying she doesn’t have a clue what drives her into bed with them in spite of the fact that she makes a decent attempt not to.

She disclosed to Rev Nyansa Boakwa that she has laid down with 105 men and cut short 26 pregnancies.

As per the woman who decided to be mysterious, she began laying down with men in view of difficulty yet she wound up trying too hard so that she has had intercourse with numerous men for no legitimate reasons.

She went further to express that she began ending pregnancies in 2003 and has done so at least multiple times.

I need help. I don’t know what pushes me to sleep with all those men. I have tried saying no a couple of times, but I always end up going back to them. And every time I get pregnant, they all reject me and deny being responsible. I then have no choice but to abort the pregnancy�“The last and most recent one I had was on the 18th December 2020. And it was after this one that I finally decided to stop living that kind of life”, she said. Despite having aborted 26 babies, she disclosed that she has 3 children with different fathers who live with her mother in the village.
“I now have 3 children with different men and they are in the village living with my mother,” she added.

The frustrated lady further revealed that she is not proud of her sexual history and has sometimes contemplated taking her life but had to shelve the idea for the sake of her three children.

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